The capital of Australia

What is the name of the capital of Australia? If you think it is Sydney you are wrong. It isn't Melbourne either. The capital of Australia is in fact Canberra. Although Canberra is only the eight biggest city in the country it's not only capital of a country but the entire continent. At the end of the day it was a compromise.

It was initially between Sydney and Melbourne but they couldn't agree. So the Australians decided to simply build one. Canberra was planned and built by a design of Walter Burley Griffin. It became a garden city with a lot of green. Most Aussies call it a bush capital but quite frankly it is wonderful. The climate is pleasant and everything is laid back. A perfect choice for down under if you ask me.

Canberra is the capital of Australia and therefore seat of government and all major constitutional bodies. Other than that there isn't much to see. Canberra is quite famous though for its nightlife.

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