The highest mountains of the World

The highest mountain in the world is the Mount Everest. It is part of the Himalayas and rises to 8848 meters above sea level. Locally it is also known as Sagarmatha (Nepal) or Qomolangma (Tibet). It is located in Nepal; a part of it is in China.

Another two mountains in the Himalayas are almost as high. K2 with a peak elevation of 8611 m and the Kangchenjunga with an elevation of 8,586 m are the second and third highest mountain in the world. Speaking of which; all the highest mountains are in Asia.

The highest non-Asian mountain in the world is the Aconcagua in Argentina. With its 6962 m it might be the highest mountain in the Americas but in a global ranking it isnít even in the top 100. There are approximately 180 mountains in Asia that are higher.

The highest African mountain is Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. What makes it unusual is that Ė unlike all the others - it isnít part of a mountain range. It that category it actually is the highest mountain. The highest of the three peak rises to 5900 meters.


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