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What is the best tank in the world?

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The Leopard II is widely considered the best modern tank in the world. It is built in Germany. It has a 120 mm canon and reaches around 70 kilometres an hour. Its armour is a composite. It was first built in the 1970ies and was since improved several times. The latest version is the Leopard 2A7V.

While exports are highly restricted it still was sold to a large number of countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Canada, Indonesia, Chile and Qatar.


The heaviest tank in the world is Israel’s Merkava MK IV. It weighs a whopping 65 tons but still reaches 64 km/h.


Armata T-15 is considered one of the best tanks in the world but still in its early stages so the Russians haven’t quite managed to make it reliable. This is one of the reasons they do not use in the Ukraine.


The best-selling tank in the world is the American M1 Abrams M1A2 SEP. Besides in the US army it is popular with the Saudis, Egypt and Australia. One of the problems with this tank is that it uses different fuel so unless your supply chain is set up for the M1 Abrams it is not easy to use. That’s one of the reasons the US did not send them to support the war in Ukraine.

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