The capital of Albania

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The capital of Albania is Tirana. With around 900.000 people it is also the by far biggest city in the country. Tirana is the economical, cultural and political nerve centre of Albania. Although the city is almost completely surrounded by mountains it also only 30 kilometres away from the Adriatic coast.

The Albanian capital is named after the river Tirana that runs north of the city. The city itself is divided. The difference between rich and poor is fairly extreme. After the fall of the Communist regime many of the countries poor came to the capital. In the heart of the city is the Skanderbeg monument, right next to it Kulla e Sahatit and the famous mosque Et’hem-Bey.

Albania is one of the poorest countries of Europe and the capital Tirana does reflect that to a certain extend. Albania has great potential though and is a wonderful country.


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