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Support to the Ukraine by country – who gives the most?

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The Ukraine in their struggle against Russia needs all the help it can get. There is a lot of discussion of who gives and doesn’t give enough. Lets looks at the facts.

The by far biggest supporter is the US with almost 45 Billion Euro. The is more than 50% of all aid that the Ukraine received.

In second place is the UK with 6.5 Billion but closely followed by Germany with 6.48 billion EUR. More than half that is issued through the European union.

France sent 3.95 billion EUR and – similar to Germany – a lot of it is coming through EU channels.

Poland sent 3.57 billion, Canada 3.01, Italy 2.61 and Spain 2.18. The Netherlands sent 1.67 and Norway 1.28. Many more sent aid either directly or through the EU.

Help per capita

A somewhat different picture is when you look at this per capita. There it is Norway that is by far the most generous. 241,80 per capita. Next in that list are Estonia, Luxembourg and Latvia- The US is only fifth with 136,10 EUR. If you look at it this way, heavy weights like Germany and France only come in 13th and 20th place.

Help by GDP

Another interesting angle is if you look at it by GDP. Estonia spends 0,93% Latvia 0,9% and Poland 0,61%. US comes in 10th place with 0,22%, Germany is 17th with 0,17 and France 21st with 0,15%.


All these figures are based on what is published on the Ukraine Support Tracker.


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