Top 10 best selling cars in the world

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The top 10 best selling cars in the world is one of the more interesting lists. At least I am always surprised. In previous years there were a number of cars I never even heard of. Here comes the top 10 of the best selling cars in 2019:

The best selling car of the year 2019 was (once again) the Toyota Corolla with over 1 Million units sold.

In second place – and that does surprise me – is the Ford F series with 875000 units sold.

In 3rd place is Toyota RAV4.

I do recall that a few years back the third place was actually taking by the Wuling Sunshine. Never heard of it? Neither did I. It is some sort of Chinese van. I saw it on a picture. It’s hideous! I looked it up. In 2011 they sold a staggering 943.000 of it! They are probably all sold in China. They do seem to have a slightly different taste there.

Fourth place in 2019 was the Honda Civic with almost 700.000 units sold.

It is closely followed by the Honda CR-V in fith place.

The top 5 is dominated by Japan then.

The top ten best selling cars of 2019 is concluded by:

6th place: Volkswagen Tiguan (612.000)
7th place: RAM pick-up (600.000)
8th place: Toyota Camry (580.000)
9th place: Volkswagen Golf (577.000)
10th place: Volkswagen Polo (501.000)

Volkswagen is dominating the bottom half of the top 10. Golf – as usual – was by far the best selling car in Europe in 2019. Volkswagen basically dominate the European charts and the scandals they were being involved in haven’t changed that. It will be interesting to see how electric cars will change that picture in the future.

Americas favourite of course is the Ford F-150.

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