The highest mountain of Europe

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Europe’s highest mountain is Mount Elbrus. It is in Russia and has an elevation of 5650 metres. Or is it? Some experts disagree. The argument is not so much about the height but if the mountain range as such belongs to Europe. It very much depends then if you consider the Caucasus Mountains between Russia and Georgia as part of Europe or Asia. The mountain range is often considered the continental divide between Europe and Asia so it kind of belongs to both.

The highest mountain that isn’t in the Caucasus is Mont Blanc in France. It rises up to 4810 metres.
Geographically Europe and Asia are one continent called Eurasia. For historical and political reasons they have always been named individual continents. Some consider Caucasus as part of Europe, others don’t. In recent years there has been a tendency pro Europe.

Since you want to know what the highest mountain in Europe is we suggest two scenarios.
1) Caucasus is part of Europe. If so with an elevation of 5650 metres the highest mountain in Europe is Mount Elbrus. In this scenario the second and third highest mountains are Mount Dykh-Tau and Mount Shkhara with an elevation of 5200 metres. Both belong to the Caucasus mountain range as well.

Picture: Elbrus, the highest mountain of Europe; © Yuri Tuchkov –

2) The Caucasus Mountains belong to Asia. If that is the case the highest mountains in Europe are in the Alps. With an elevation of 4810 metres Mont Blanc is the highest mountain. It is near the French-Italian border. The summit is in France. The second highest mountain would be the Monte Rosa in Switzerland with an elevation of 4630 metres. The highest mountain not part of the Alps is the Mulhacen in southern Spains Sierra Nevada. If you consider the Tenerife part of Europe the third highest mountain would be Pico del Teide on Tenerife. Most people will argue though that the Canary Islands geographically belong to Africa.

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