The largest city in Europe

Comparing the population of different cities isnít always easy. Some cities count suburbanized a great number of suburbs others didnít. Paris on paper has a population of ďonlyĒ 2 million; in the metropolitan area live five times as many. The largest European city is - and it has been for centuries now - London.

Approximately 14.5 million people live in the English capital. In most rankings Moscow is ranked second largest city in Europe. There is some debate whether or not Istanbul has closed the gap. Both cities now have around 11 million population.

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Istanbul is growing fast though so it will soon be the undisputed second largest city in Europe. The only problem with Istanbul is that half the city is technically in Asia. Moscow may still consider itself as the number two behind London. Number Four of the biggest cities in Europe is Paris with almost 10 million inhabitants.


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