The largest country in the world

The largest country in the world is the Russian Federation or as most called it: Russia. It has an area of 17.1 million square kilometres (6593 square miles). Russia is so massive it spans a total of 9 time zones. The European part alone makes up for 40% of Europe’s landmass. The whole of Northern Asia is basically Russia. It is a gigantic country although only the eighth populous one. The second largest country in the world is Canada, followed by the US and China.

All three have an area in between 9.5 to 10 million square kilometres. They are fairly similar in size. Next in this ranking of the largest countries in the world are Brazil with 8.5 square kilometres, Australia – its own continent but still only in sixth place – with 7.7 million square kilometres and India with 3.3 million square kilometres.

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The remaining three in the top 10 of the biggest countries are Argentina, Kazakhstan (a former part of the Soviet Union) and Algeria. Up until 1991 the Soviet Union held the title of the largest country with a staggering 22,400,200 square kilometres. If Antarctica would be recognised as a country it would be in second place by the way with an area of around 14 million square kilometres.


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