Top 10 best selling cars in the world

The top 10 best selling cars in the world is one of the more interesting lists. At least I am always surprised. Some of the cars I don't even know. Here comes the top 10 of the best selling cars in 2011:

The best selling car of the year 2011 was the Toyota Corolla with over 1 Million units sold. No surprise there. The Hyundai Elantra with just over a Million comes in second. If you'd ask me how it looks. No idea! My favourite candidate in this list though is the Wuling Sunshine in third place. Apparently it is some sort of Chinese van. I saw it on a picture. It's hideous! They sold a staggering 943.000 of it! They are probably all sold in China. They do seem to have a slightly different taste there.

A solid fourth place for the Ford Focus. Since I own one myself I wholeheartedly approve. 919.000 Focus sold in 2011. Kia comes in fifth wit the all new and - lets face it - beautiful Rio. They shifted a rock solid 815.000 units.

The top ten best selling cars then is concluded by:
6th place: Ford Fiesta (781.000)
7th place: VW Jetta (745.000)
8th place: Toyota Camry (726.000)
9th place: Chevrolet Cruze (691.000)
10th place: VW Golf (648.000)

The Golf by the way is by far the best selling car in Europe. Volkswagen basically dominate the European charts. They haven't quite taken over the world but they sure work on it. Americas favourite is the Ford F-150. Again; no surprise there.


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